Orpheus’ Lithika Poem – Magic Properties of Stones

Lithika is a relatively unknown poem, written by ancient Greek hero, Orpheus. It is the first known ancient script, dealing with Orphic Lapidary and it consists of 774 verses, where the magical properties of stones and their ritual practice is described.

Lithika poem, according to its creator, is a teaching that can provide happiness and he narrates that this knowledge was given to him by Theiodamas, the “divine man”.

Orpheus in Lithika, refers to the healing and magical properties of a large range of stones and the way to bring beneficial effects to their holder.

‘Stones’ in Orphic Lithica and their possible interpretation 
(ancient names with unclear origin) 

Probably the latest published English translation of the so called Orphic Lithika is to be found in the first edition of the classical work of C. W. King from 1865 “Natural History,Ancient and Modern of Precious Stones and Gems and ofPrecious Metals” 

Orphic Lithos

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