Orpheus, Ancient Greek Hero of Thrace - "Lithika"

Orpheus was a great mythical musician, poet, hero and prophet of Ancient Thrace. The first to teach and spread the healing and magical properties of the Stones. He was said to be son of muse Calliope and have great talent in music and arts.

He was called "Father of Songs" and with his instrument, the lyra, he could charm birds, fish, trees and even rocks into dance. For Greeks, he was a founder and prophet of the so-called "Orphic Mysteries".

His poems are some of the first texts written in human history and his art had great impact in culture in Ancient Greece. From his writing, archeologists were able to learn important information about religion, medicine, culture, art and life of Ancient Greeks.

Orpheus is the first person who writes about Minerals, Gemstones and Crystals. In his poem, "Lithika", a poetic treatise consisting of 774 verses, he writes for healing and magical properties of stones. Orpheus poems seems to derive from a series of lost sources with medical, astrological and magical content.

In "Lithika", Orpheus suggests to use the magical power of crystals and gemstones in order to make an offer to please the Gods. Also, he explains how to use their therapeutic power to heal different diseases, even poisoning.

In his poem, we find the following :

The shining, clear crystal is the most special Gemstone, according to Orpheus, who describes the way to use it in a ancient ceremony. He writes that it has the ability to light fire and he reffers to its beneficial healing properties against kidney health problems.

Moss Agate is said by Orpheus to be the stone in which you can see lush forest. Greek Goddess of Agriculture, Demeter's favorite gemstone, beneficial for farmers and domestic animals.

Orpheus writes that good and protective Agate is found in great variety of colours, and he reffers to crystallized Jasper, blood red Carnelian and green Beryl.

He says Carnelian is the most wonderful stone of all and it has the form of a lion. It is said to be antidote to snake's or scorpio's bite and cure fever and disease. Also, carnelian is said by Orpheus to help the holder be succesful in business and relationships.

BLOODSTONE (Heliotrope)
It is said to be the blood of Saturn, that fell from the sky and not to be lost, it became a stone with red blood drops. Orpheus writes if mixed with honey or milk it cures eye disease. Also, it is reffered as cure for health problems of men.

Orpheus gives an extensive description of the way to use "lipareos" stone in a sacrifice for Greek Gods. He may reffers to either obsidian or rhyolite stone, which he connects with food and hunger.

It is said to have the green color of grass. Nephrite is described to be life saving against snake bites and to make a man attractive to his wife.

Orpheus writes in "Lithika" that he tried and found Quatz's powers to be very strong.

Orphic Lithos

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