Picture Jasper - Healing Properties and Meaning.

Picture Jasper is associated with Earth and believed to be a stone that helps the wearer get in touch with Nature and understand the way it works. Often, its details, which have been created in millions of years and under a lot of heat and pressure, form a beautiful layered natural landscape.

In many different cultures, Picasso Jasper was believed to be an extremely powerful stone.  It was used by shamans and priests to establish deep connection with Earth and connect, through its magic properties, past and future. Picture Jasper’s patterns were believed to hide secret messages and to reveal hidden knowledge to its holder.

Among other, Picture Jasper is said to be the Stone of Ecology. It is believed to promote Global Awareness, a great grounding stone that promotes and encourages ecological thinking and acting.

Picture Jasper is a stone that encourages inner journeying and helps the holder to connect with sacred energies, that reveal old secrets for balanced life. It is said to bring stability, harmony and protect from any harm. It is believed to alleviate fears and anxiety and make the holder feel secure and strong to overcome any problems.

It is a gemstone that its healing properties are associated with emotional or psychological problems. It is believed to alleviate stress and anxiety and promote good thoughts. Picture Jasper is a stone that promotes enthusiasm and constantly stimulates into action.

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