Red Jasper - The Blood of Mother Earth

Rich red color jasper. The blood of Mother Earth, according to Native Americans, who believed that it was linked to rebirth and when worn as an amulet, was stimulating health and empowering the body.

A common sacred stone of great physical and spiritual protection, was used in many ceremonies. Some Native American tribes, used it as an offering during rain-making rituals. Connected to earth, master of rain and wind, red jasper was a magical stone called in difficult situations as drought or other extreme weather conditions.

There is an old tradition in using jasper stone in dowsing. It was believed that it makes the holder more sensitive, helps him understand the secrets of Mother Earth and connect deeply with Earth Spirits.

Shamans and tribe chiefs wore talismans of red jasper to keep them strong, grounded and protected from disease.  Red Jasper, was a sacred stone, worn by spiritual people across the Earth. It is traceable to almost all ancient civilization and often associated with blood.

Also known as the blood of Mother Isis in Ancient Egypt. Isis is the Mother God in Ancient Egypt, her favorite stone, red jasper, was believed to bring fertility and delight.

Red color in Egypt was a symbol of life. Often men are depicted in red skin, indicating their vitality and power. In celebration, they were painted with red jasper paint and wear red jewelry, thought to ensure happy and long life.

Isis' protective blood was also necessary for the deceased, according to the ancient Egyptian Book of Dead. The red stone was curved in amulets named Tjet, which was worn in the neck of the mummies, in order to keep them safe and protected from any harm in their trip to afterlife.

Red jasper, with its amazing healing properties according to the ancients, is used nowadays to boost the immune system. Its healing power against blood disease is well known in the circles of gemstone healers. It is believed to purify and cleanse the blood, to benefit blood-rich organs and eliminate toxins of the body. It is said to be beneficial in treatment of blood disorders, such as infections, anemia and leukemia.

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