Mystery of the Jasper Chalice in Mount Athos

The "Jasper" is a valuable relic and a legendary gift of the Emperor Manuel II Palaeologus (1391-1425) to the Holy Monastery of Vatopedi, Greece. Its reputation is equal to its beauty and is believed to be one of the most precious and sacred objects, being held in the Holy Mountain of Athos.

Researchers are trying to intentify the chalice, which was thought to be the Grail of the Last Supper by the Germans, who were trying to find it during WWII.

The Jasper Chalise was tranferred by some monks from Syria to Contantinople, along with the manuscirpt of the Testament of John the Baptist. In John Baptiste's Testament the "Jasper" is mentioned as his water drinking cup and it is said that it was given as a gift to Jesus Christ by him in jail. The cup was adornished with a golden wreath, dragon handles and a beautiful base by the Emperor Palaeologus before giving it away to the Vatopedi Monastery.

It is a composition of precious metals and stones, with basic color of turquoise.  It is groomed with precious stones, gold and silver. On the lips of "Jasper", with brilliant characters you can read the Despotiko words. "I gave this to my Students and Apostles saying, Drink from this all, this is My blood, etc." On the four facades of the cone base, there are small images of the Three Hierarchs and Athanasius the Great.

But the mystery here doesn't stop in the search of the Holy Grail. Another metaphysical property of the Jasper chalice comes to make it more mysterious. It is believed that the precious relic has the ability to transform into a night, the water put inside into an emulsion, which is administered as antidote to a snake bite. Jasper stone has a long tradition in therapeutical use, with its roots back to thousands years ago. Our ancestors also believed that jasper was an antidote to snake or scorpio bite, and a medicine against poisoning.

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