Gemstones of Fertility - Red Jasper, Carnelian and Unakite

Fertility Stones have always been a great ally for Women for many many years now. Their beneficial properties were well known across the Earth and were used to solve issues associated with birth of children.

Women who had fertility issues, difficulties in pregnancy, or just for protection for them and the baby, they used to hold or wear one of the fertility gemstones.

Special gemstones were dedicated to
and the list goes on and on.

All the above Ancient Goddesses have one thing in common. They are representing The Great Mother, the Goddess of Fertility and Reproduction.

One of the most common Gemstone thas was associated with Fertility by many ancient civilizations is Red Jasper.  Healing Red Jasper was known to help women conceive a healthy child, increasing fertility and boosting their immune system. Also known as a great aphrodisiac and powerful gemstone for men, in order to regenerate sperm.

In the family of chalcedonies, also known as Stone of Fertility, Red Carnelian was used from women in ancient times, in order to boost fertility and reproduction. It was widely believed that it has bebeficial healing properties for the genital organs of the human body. Carnelian is believed to guard the mother against misscarriage and protect the unborn baby from any harm.

Another protective stone for mother and baby is the Unakite Gemstone. It is said that Unakite helps to have a healthy and calm pregnancy and it aids for a good and easy delivery. Unakite was always connected with Fertility and it was believed to bring healthy children to the wearer.

Fertility Gemstones can be great allies during a difficult pregnancy or just help the carrying mother have a happy pregnancy. Their Healing Power vibrates through the mother's-to-be body to support her health and protect the baby.

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