Healing Properties of Jasper Gemstone

Healing Properties & Meanings of JASPER

  • Physical and spiritual protection from any harm.
  • Grounding stone, establishes connection with Mother Earth.
  • Attracts wealth, luck and delight.
  • Great Nutrurer, provides comfort, stability and security.
  • Stone of fertility, vitality and long life.
  • Helps to alleviate stress and eliminates negative energy.
  • Assistant to astral travels.
  • Helps you express yourself and transforms ideas into action.
  • Emotional support and self-control on diets or addictions.
  • Energy centering and calming gemstone
  • Establishes yin & yang harmony.
  • Base Chakra, brings balance and physical energy.

  • Healing power against blood disease.
  • Was used to prevent fever and boost immune system.
  • Helps women with menstrual problems.
  • Effective against nightmares and bad sleep.
  • It was believed to help against poisoning and to keep scorpions away.

  • March birthstone 
  • Rain Maker stone in ancient cultures.
  • Isis' Mother of Egyptian Gods Gemstone
  • Ancient Greeks Goddess Mother Gaia's honor stone
  • Associated with Earth and Fire.
  • Master of Wind & Water
  • Mystery of the Jasper Chalice

  • Perfect gemstone for actors.
  • The stone of the Warrior.
  • Brings love, sweet feelings and fertility.

Zodiac gemstone of  
Leo - Capricorn - Libra - Scorpio - Aries

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