Healing Jasper in ancient Chinese Philosophy - Yin & Yang Balance

In ancient Chinese philosophy, one of the fundamental principles is Yin and Yang. Thousands of year ago, Chinese philosophers developed the Tao philosophy, in order to explain the ways the Universe works.

The Yin & Yang principle explains that everything in the Universe consists of two forces that are opposing, but complementary. The word Yin represents the “dark side” and Yang the “light side”. Two different forces that exist together in harmony.

Yin cannot exist without Yang and Yang cannot exist without Yin, they are inseparable. For example, Yin and Yang pairs are night and day, life and death, bad and good, female and male. Its symbol shows the flowing of energy and the two different color drops in the main body indicate the existance of Yin in Yang and opposite.

The healing properties of Jasper stone are well known in ancient Chinese philosophy. Jasper is Nature's help to achieve balance between Yin and Yang. It helps the holder be stable and find a balance between polarities in everyday life.

Healing Jasper is known to bring harmony in Body and Mind. It is believed to eliminate contradictions and establish mental stability for many centuries. Some people call Jasper "Mother of all Stones", as its healing properties are known and used from many ancient civilizations across the Earth.

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